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Wednesday 12 June 2024

About 90 countries to take part in the Swiss-hosted Ukraine peace summit. Russia won’t attend

Switzerland — Nearly 90 countries and organizations, half from Europe, have confirmed attending the Swiss-hosted Ukraine peace summit over the weekend, Switzerland’s president said Monday. However, Russia won’t be there.

Moscow has not been invited but says it would not have attended anyway as the conference is based on the peace proposals of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy that Russia rejects.

President Viola Amherd told reporters in the Swiss capital, Bern, that the summit, on Saturday and Sunday, will aim to chart a path toward possible peace nearly 28 months after Russian forces invaded Ukraine and the war grinding on.

“This is not about propaganda,” said Amherd. “This is about the basis of humanitarian aid provided by Switzerland, based on fostering peace (and) to provide a platform to initiate a dialogue.”

The Swiss president said that most participants would be top country leaders, with about half represented at the head of state or government level, and “a handful” from organizations like the United Nations.

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz are expected to attend the summit at the Bürgenstock resort overlooking Lake Lucerne in the village of Obbürgen.

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris will take part on behalf of the United States. President Joe Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, will join Harris as part of the U.S. delegation.

About 160 invitations have been sent out and Amherd said it was not a “disappointment” for the Swiss government that fewer than 100 have so far announced participation in the first phase of the peace process.

Swiss authorities said the final list of participants was expected by Friday, but key developing countries like Turkey, South Africa and Brazil haven’t indicated whether they would attend. India they said, will take part but it isn’t clear at which level.

Brazil and China said they wouldn’t take part unless both sides – including Russia – were at the table, according to Swiss officials. Beijing has been one of the top supporters of Russian President Vladimir Putin since the war started, and has said the criteria for its participation will be “hard to meet.”

Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis also addressed reporters, saying Switzerland has repeatedly acknowledged that there cannot be a peace process without Russia. “The question is not whether Russia will be on board, the question is when.”

He also said Switzerland is in frequent contact with authorities in Moscow about the conference.

Ukraine has helped coordinate the summit, and Zelenskyy is expected to attend. Cassis said Swiss officials had to balance considerations that Ukraine might not have attended if Russia was represented.

Zelenskyy has gone on a diplomatic push to try and lure attendees to the summit. He has also accused China and Russia of trying to undermine it. The Swiss-hosted conference follows on the heels of the G7 summit in neighbouring Italy.

Swiss officials say the conference aims to set a course toward “lasting peace” in Ukraine, to reach a “common understanding” toward getting there, and draw up the “roadmap” on how to get both sides involved in talks. Nuclear security, humanitarian aid and food security are also on the summit’s agenda.

As many as 4,000 military personnel will be deployed to provide security and support air transportation, surveillance and roll out security fencing and steel wire for the event, officials said, adding that an increase in cyberattacks in the run-up to the summit was noted, but didn’t provide details.

In a Swiss valley deep below a mountain ridge where the resort sits, Swiss troops set up a makeshift heliport in a grassy field ringed by barbed wire Monday in preparation for the summit as cowbells clanged nearby.

Tuesday 11 June 2024

Germany hosts recovery conference for Ukraine

The two-day Ukraine Recovery Conference comes ahead of a peace summit in Switzerland

Germany is hosting a conference on Tuesday to gather support for Ukraine's recovery from the destruction wreaked by Russia's war.

The meeting aims to send a new signal of solidarity with Kyiv at the start of a week of intense diplomacy.

The two-day Ukraine Recovery Conference in Berlin follows a similar gathering in London a year ago. It comes before the Group of Seven summit of Ukraine's leading Western allies in Italy and a global peace summit in Switzerland this coming weekend.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who last week attended events marking the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings in France, is expected at the gathering, which the German hosts say will bring together 2000 people from politics, business and other areas.

“Even during the current times of war, Ukraine needs to continually rebuild houses, water pipelines, hospitals and power grids,” German Development Minister Svenja Schulze said in a statement. “People want to keep on living in their country, and to do so they need electricity, water and a roof over their heads.”

The task of supporting Ukraine's recovery in the short and long term “is too big to be tackled by governments alone — which is why we are expressly inviting companies, civil society and municipalities to the conference,” Schulze added.

Among other immediate problems Ukraine faces, sustained Russian attacks on its power grid in recent weeks have forced leaders in Kyiv to institute nationwide rolling blackouts.

In London last year, Ukraine’s allies pledged several billion dollars in nonmilitary aid to rebuild the country’s infrastructure, fight corruption and help pave Kyiv's road to membership in the European Union.

That focus on reforms remains central this year.

“We are pulling out all the stops so that Ukraine can soon take a seat at the table of the European Union — because, in addition to our military support, that’s the best protection there is,” German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said.

BOSSWOMAN 2024 Global Leadership Summit united 35+ countries

Welcome to the GLOBAL BUSINESS WEEK 2024 and BOSSWOMAN Global Business Summit!
Turkey, Istanbul 29.06-2.07.2024.

GBW is an annual business event for governments and businesspersons from 35+ countries to enhance business contacts, international trade and global partnerships.

The main topics of GLOBAL BUSINESS WEEK are:
Global Challenges and Business Solutions: Participants engage in discussions about pressing global challenges, and sustainability issues and suggest solutions.

Promotion of Innovation: GBW encourages innovation through the exchange of ideas and experiences. Entrepreneurs can explore innovative approaches, disruptive technologies, and sustainable practices that drive global business forward.

Cultural and Diversity Celebration: It celebrates the richness of global diversity by bringing together individuals from various cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives. This cultural exchange fosters understanding, tolerance, and adaptability in the global business community.

GLOBAL BUSINESS WEEK is a dynamic and inclusive forum that transcends borders, fostering a global community committed to driving innovation, economic progress, and sustainable business practices.
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Monday 3 June 2024

From now MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL in Melbourne, Australia

Congratulations to Elena Chirich on acquiring another franchise of the MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL for the city of Melbourne, Australia! 

For three years of work in the city of Brisbane, Elena has already achieved significant success in business, and the students of the MiniBoss Bristene branch have already visited the Startup World Cup Championship in Glasgow, UK and won gold and silver WINNER MEDALS!

In a move aimed at nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, MiniBoss Business School, catering to children and teenagers aged 6 to 18, has opened its newest branch in Melbourne. This endeavour marks a significant step towards not only fostering a culture of entrepreneurship but also strengthening familial and business values within the country.

The establishment of MiniBoss Business School in Melbourne holds immense importance in shaping both the family and business cultures of the nation. By instilling foundational business knowledge and skills in the younger generation, the school aims to cultivate a mindset of innovation, resilience, and creativity from an early age. This, in turn, has far-reaching implications for the future trajectory of the economy and the quality of life for its citizens.

The impact of MiniBoss graduates on the economy is profound. As these young individuals transition into adulthood, armed with entrepreneurial acumen and a proactive mindset, they are poised to become drivers of economic growth and innovation. The entrepreneurial ventures they embark upon contribute to job creation, investment, and the overall expansion of the economy, thereby directly influencing GDP growth.

Moreover, the influence of MiniBoss extends beyond economic metrics. By nurturing young minds in the principles of responsible entrepreneurship and leadership, the school plays a pivotal role in fostering a sense of responsibility and integrity within future business leaders. This, in turn, fosters a stronger sense of community and familial values, as individuals learn the importance of collaboration, ethical conduct, and social responsibility in their pursuits.

Elena Chirich, the entrepreneur who acquired the franchise for MiniBoss Business School in Melbourne, embodies the essence of female leadership, responsible entrepreneurship, and mindfulness in shaping the next generation of innovative entrepreneurs. Her dedication to empowering young minds and instilling in them the values of ethical business practices and social awareness serves as a shining example for other entrepreneurs.

Through the MiniBoss Business School, Elena Chirich not only cultivates future business leaders but also champions diversity, inclusivity, and sustainable business practices. Her leadership exemplifies the transformative power of entrepreneurial education in shaping not only economic prosperity but also social cohesion and familial values.

In conclusion, the inauguration of MiniBoss Business School in Melbourne heralds a new era of entrepreneurial education, poised to shape the future of both the economy and society. By nurturing young minds and fostering a culture of innovation and responsibility, the school paves the way for a brighter, more prosperous future for generations to come.