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The video news agency "100% NEWS" was established in 2006 and is a part of the independent international Media Holding "100%".

Television channels "100% NEWS", "Public Independent Television", and "RENOME", together with IAVN "100% NEWS", the international online broadcasting portal, and other media entities that are part of Media Holding "100%", provide information in 200 countries around the world for Russian-speaking and English-speaking readers and viewers.

All the most important news on one resource – world news without political bias or regional influences. Exclusive contract with Reuters agency.

Target audience: 30+, the business community.

Our viewers learn about the news first. Through contracts with global news agencies and from popular bloggers, we receive video files and text files from Germany, the USA, Australia, Brazil, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, and other countries. We translate texts into Russian and immediately broadcast them. Our own television news studio "100% NEWS" complements the video content.

Mission of the news agency

A genuine news product. Objective, prompt, with a focus on the most important news of the day, around the clock.

We save your time. You will be informed of all important events – 100%!

Our main task is to prepare several main news stories per day for you, so you don't waste time on numerous reviews and propaganda on TV screens. And NEWS about you and your companies and organizations will raise your image and attract attention to you!

Services of the television news service "100% NEWS"

Inform your potential clients about an event that has occurred in your company or organization, enterprise, or country! To do this, it is enough to call us (see Contacts section).

Our goal is not to rehash the same news but to find and provide you with unique and useful information.