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Wednesday 23 March 2022

WWC 2022 official statement: Stop the war in Ukraine!

Politicians and other world leaders!

We are women from 18 countries of the world!

We are women entrepreneurs, politicians, diplomats, social leaders, scientists, educators, innovative engineers, artists and philanthropists. We have established branches in 18 countries to create cooperation between national women's elites!

Today we unanimously stand for peace and an immediate ceasefire!

We support the sovereignty and all international rights of Ukraine as an independent state!

We support the PEOPLE of UKRAINE, which is exterminated by putin's criminal regime!

We demand an immediate end to the war!

We ask and demand all international institutions – UN, EU, PACE, PACE, NATO, etc, created to protect world peace and local institutions for the maintaining the norms of international law in them to openly advocate for ending the war with putin's criminal ploy.

In case of his disobedience, we ask for the introduction of UN peacekeeping troops to protect the sovereignty of Ukraine and end the war!

We must be responsible, courageous and active!

We must NOT let the terrorist No. 1 putin do what he wants - to kill innocent peoplel! We must all together - the whole healthy world community - stop this madness in the world!

We must not allow putin to threaten with a nuclear explosion all of us inhabitants of the planet!


The whole world supports Ukraine!

Thousands of people have already died in this monstrous war launched by russia against the peaceful country of Ukraine!

Rockets are flying at us every day!

Putin threaten the whole world with nuclear weapons!

This is a crime against humanity!

Putin must answer at the UN Tribunal in The Hague!

By initiative of the WORLD WOMAN CLUB Ambassador of Russia Larisa Bondarenko we have closed the WWC Office in Russia by supporting Ukraine and international sanctions against Russia. But this is not enough!

We need to stop the war and putin's nuclear threats!

If he releases at least one nuclear bomb, then you and we will no longer be alive!

The planet will not be alive!

In Ukraine, putin used banned phosphorus and cluster bombs!

Putin despises laws and the UN rules!

Russia has already been expelled from the Council of Europe!

So, what will deter him from the use of nuclear weapons!

Not in Mexico, not in the USA, not in Germany, Italy, Canada or Australia you can be in safety. No one will defend themselves if at least one bomb is released!

Today, when all companies leave the russian market in protest against the war, we join to punishing russia for this tyranny and all of us stop our businesses in aggressive country.

We invite ALL OF YOU to show a civil position and:

  • Write official statements,
  • write posts in social networks and announce an official sanction against russia;
  • go to protest rallies against the war;
  • have to take enough action to punish russia for its invasion of Ukraine: close your business and stop any business operations in Russia;
  • support global sanctions of all counrties to russia;
  • do not give a single dollar of income to russia - all this money is damned, it was created on the blood of Ukrainian children and civilians.
  • condemn russia's war against Ukraine, to condemn putin's threats with nuclear weapons to destroy the whole world!
  • It is impossible to treat to the Planet with such brutal and in an individual way, realizing only personal power ambitions!

When in the 21st century putin openly announces that after Ukraine he will seize the Baltic states, Finland, Poland, and if you interfere him with fulfilment of this task, he will launch a nuclear strike ... how can we all accept this?!

Do you live in Mexico, USA, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Uganda, Nigeria, RSA, Germany, Austria, UK, France, UAE, Australia…. and think that you live far away and this will not affect you?! May be you ask yourself why should I think about the Ukrainians, but everything is fine here? … Why were Ukrainian children born? They live 1 month or 1, 2 years to be killed by crazy rulers who just want to endlessly expand their dimensionless country with the help of war? Is this why we rise our children?

If today all of us - well-known, strong-willed, powerful leaders from different countries allow our children to be killed, and then what are we standing for?

Our born children die because the maniac putin just decided to take other people's territories. Do you think it will not affect you? Do you think everything will go away on its own?

In the first and second world war, countries also thought so. Therefore, years later, experts singled out the main reason for the wars was the slowness and indecision of countries in the first days of the war to stop the aggressor with sanctions and military answer.

All global leading countries must understand, if we are weak and slow now, we will give birth to an uncontrollable, ambitious and shameless monster, who will kill the world with a nuclear explosion today or in a month or in a year!

Exactly 85 years ago, the Second World War started by Hitler, whose goals were the same as putin’s goals today - to kill European people for new territories!

As Churchill said, "The reason for the Armenian genocide is their excessive pacifism. If you want peace, prepare for war." Right now, we must understand that all the weapons of the world must work for peace, not for war. The defence of Ukraine is of great importance for the whole world! Protecting of Ukraine and providing it with weapons and NATO protection must be the main goal of healthy global society!

You all know Osama bin Laden was declared as "The World’s #1 terrorist" of killing 3,654 people. The President of the russia putin with his military invasion of Ukraine violated not only all the world laws, not only annexed territories, not only destroyed dozens of cities by 90%, but also killed more than 37,000 people. So, he is The World’s #1 terrorist! And all of us must stop and punish him at the International Tribunal in The Hague, as Hitler and his generals, Milosevic, Saddam Hussein.

During the 20 years of putin's rule, he captured and destroyed Chechnya, Abkhazia/Georgia, Transnistria/Moldova, Nagorno-Karabakh/Armenia/Azerbaijan, Syria. Eight years ago, putin treacherously invaded the part of Ukraine - Crimea, and now, in further violation of all world laws and sovereignty, he has invaded our whole country of Ukraine. Now it is important to stop his entire "war machine" - a country that feeds on the blood of the killed and captured countries.

Therefore, the steps are important:

  • Unity of politicians, influencers and civilians to stop the war – that’s why we need to support global sanctions with complete stop of trade and doing business with russia. 
  • Close sky over Ukraine and NATO arms support, 
  • Building a new world order, where the lives of people, sovereign countries and peacefulness will be the main values ​​​​of the world, and all terrorists who inflict some irreparable scar on the world will be judged and punished without alternative!

We must act!

All of us want TO LIVE!

Let's give our kids chance to live!

Let's be united in protecting peace to all on our Planet! #STANDWITHUKRAINE

International Business Network WORLD WOMAN CLUB

Group of National Directors of  Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, USA, Austria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, UK, Greece, Bulgaria, Australia, Germany, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Russia.

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