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Tuesday 11 June 2024

BOSSWOMAN 2024 Global Leadership Summit united 35+ countries

Welcome to the GLOBAL BUSINESS WEEK 2024 and BOSSWOMAN Global Business Summit!
Turkey, Istanbul 29.06-2.07.2024.

GBW is an annual business event for governments and businesspersons from 35+ countries to enhance business contacts, international trade and global partnerships.

The main topics of GLOBAL BUSINESS WEEK are:
Global Challenges and Business Solutions: Participants engage in discussions about pressing global challenges, and sustainability issues and suggest solutions.

Promotion of Innovation: GBW encourages innovation through the exchange of ideas and experiences. Entrepreneurs can explore innovative approaches, disruptive technologies, and sustainable practices that drive global business forward.

Cultural and Diversity Celebration: It celebrates the richness of global diversity by bringing together individuals from various cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives. This cultural exchange fosters understanding, tolerance, and adaptability in the global business community.

GLOBAL BUSINESS WEEK is a dynamic and inclusive forum that transcends borders, fostering a global community committed to driving innovation, economic progress, and sustainable business practices.
We call it #GlobalBusinessCivilization.
You will be part of a global movement of change-makers who are committed to advancing entrepreneurship, family business culture and partnership worldwide.

You will attend the #GlobalBusinessWeek2024Turkey#BIGBOSS2024Summit and #BOSSWOMAN2024 at the prestigious 5-star Elite World Grand Hotel.

By participating in the Global Business Week in Turkey, you have the opportunity:
- To meet a lot of business people,
- To find your new potential collaborates, clients, friends,
- To present yourself and your business,
- To bring your team and stand a booth with your product,
- To talk with other business owners from 30+ industries,
- To know more about other nations as a part of Cultural Diplomacy,
- To know more about global networking as a part of Global Business Civilization.

Start GREAT THINGS TOGETHER with us right now!

We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to YOU!

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