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Thursday 27 July 2023

WOMEN'S DIPLOMACY at the EUROWOMAN 2023 WEDO Global Leadership Forum in Glasgow

EUROWOMAN 2023 WEDO Global Leadership Forum in the frame of Global Business Week 2023 took place in Glasgow, 16-20 of July.

EuroWoman 2023 Global Leadership Forum was held with the participation of representatives from 35 countries of the world!

General Global Partners: WEDO with the leadership of Wendy Diamond, Vital Voices with Susan Ann Davis and Norah Casey, World Woman Club with Ludmyla Stanislavenko and Iryna Plakhtiy.

The topic "WOMEN'S DIPLOMACY" has become a key one for all the women of the world, which was expressed in the explanation of the topics of WAR and PEACE, JUSTICE and PUNISHMENTS FOR CRIMES against HUMANITY, SECURITY and PROSPERITY.

Of course, questions of business and prosperity are secondary today when there is a full-scale war in the heart of Europe. And in order to preserve the businesses and economies of their countries, people must think about creating a new security system. And for this, it is necessary to understand what is happening in the world now and why, so that everyone understands that it is impossible to flirt with criminal russia because then the countries join the support of the war and do not contribute to the establishment of peace and justice in the world.

Therefore, of course, the topic of the war in Ukraine was key, because it is there that people die every minute, even during the forum, when the rashists bombarded Odesa, our delegates cried that their relatives are now risking their lives... This is all a real picture of the world.

There is no need to turn away from this reality and pretend that "nothing is happening." As world history shows, if you pretend that "nothing is happening" and turn away from mercy and help to peaceful people who are dying in Ukraine, then trouble comes to your house, because indifference is equal to serving evil and the devil.

Deciding whether you are on the side of good or evil is the main task of each of the inhabitants of Planet Earth today. These are God's laws and lessons. You need to first understand and decide everything.

Delegates will return home to Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, China, Germany... with a better understanding of the picture of the world, with a better understanding of their personal responsibility in protecting people's lives. And it's very iconic.

Regarding talking points, Olga Azarova talked about the following facts that many delegates from 35 countries of the world did not know before, even the USA and Britain:

1. Ukraine is an ancient European state. Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine) is almost 1600 years old, and Moscow (the capital of the Russian Federation) is only 500 years old, if you count the stone city, and not the village on the swamps, which is only 700 years old.
That is, Ukraine as a state is much older than the rf.

2. Ukraine (the daytime name of Kievan Rus) was formed in 882 AD, and the Russian Federation (the ancient name of Muscovy) only in 1499.
No other Rus, except Kievan Rus, has ever existed, that is, only Ukraine has the right to be called Rus (and all its declensions).

3. In 1721, Tsar Peter I of Moscow committed a crime when he renamed his small state of Muscovy Rus (Russia in the Byzantine dialect), intending to attack and take the lands of Ukraine (the ancient name of Kievan Rus). Which is what happened next. From 1721 to the present day, Ukraine and Muscovy fought 35 wars for independence. And over the past 300 years, Muscovy attacked not only Ukraine, it enslaved and captured the entire Caucasus, making the free peoples slaves of Muscovy, it occupied part of China, Mongolia and Japan, it occupied the Baltic countries, Finland, and Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, also in the Second World War, it occupied Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, etc., expanding its borders. Two years ago, it was Muscovy that financed and set fire to the Karabakh war between Armenia and Azerbaijan.
Muscovy is originally a terrorist illegal state formation that expanded its borders with the help of violence, wars and seizures.
Muscovy is also a country without the right to sovereignty because they received their "sovereignty" from the Mongol yoke for racketeering and the collection of tribute from the Slavic tribes of Kievan Rus.

4. Muscovy does not have its own nation. This is a collection of nations that they once occupied (Bashkirs, Tatars, Mordovians, Komi, Udmurts, Caucasians of all kinds...). They do not have a single national language. The language spoken in the Russian Federation is also stolen from Ukraine, like the name, because the Russian language is just a northern dialect of the Old Ukrainian language.

5. Ukraine gave 158 kings and kings to Europe through dynastic marriages. So, the children of the King of Ukraine Yaroslav the Wise became rulers in many European countries:
- Anastasia became the Queen of Hungary, becoming the wife of King Androsh,
- Elizabeth became Queen of Sweden and Norway, becoming the wife of King Harold,
- Anna became Queen of France, becoming the wife of Henry 1,
- Agatha became Queen of England, becoming the wife of Edward the Exile and the mother of Margaret, who became Queen of Scots.
That is, the current King Charles 3 also has Ukrainian blood!
This infuriates Muscovy that she is a stranger here.

6. The reason for the current war is not even historical, but economic. In Ukraine (in the region of Donbas and Luhansk) the largest gas field in Europe has been discovered - more than 20 trillion cubic meters, which will be sufficient to provide all of Europe with gas, removing it from Russian dependence.
This is what Putin is fighting for, he wants to make Europe dependent on him.

7. Ukraine is the breadwinner of Europe. It is able to feed its agricultural products (and all non-GMO, environmentally friendly, grown in black soil!) - 600 million people a year, and this is the whole of Europe!

8. And all this, not to mention the hardworking and educated people of Ukraine, who are progressive entrepreneurs and a developed workforce.

There are many factors. And the fact of the war is one.

Stand on the light part of history. Live with honour and conscience. Protect Ukraine and yourself from evil!

I thank all the delegates for participating in the forum - together we are a great and wise force!
And such forums will continue to be held throughout Europe!
Global friendship won!

Wednesday 26 July 2023

Переможицею Women Noble Prize 2023 стала Жінка # 1 в Україні - Людмила Станіславенко!

Переможицею Women Noble Prize 2023 стала Жінка # 1 в Україні - Людмила Станіславенко!
За багатоцільове волотерство, політичну і соціальну роботу у часи війни в Україні, за захист національних інтересів і цінностей добра і миру, Пані Людмила нагороджена головною жіночою нагородою року - Премія ООН за вирішення соціально-політичних проблем сьогодення.

Проблема війни в Україні, нажаль ще не вирішена, але волонтери України роблять неймовірні речі.

Як голова Вищої Ради Міжнародного Клуб Успішних Жінок - КУЖ World Woman Club Пані Людмила керувала десятками благодійних жіночих проектів, які відбувалися на підтримку України у 17 країнах світу.
Заключний гала-вечір Глобального Міжнародного Форуму EuroWoman 2023 Global Leadership Forum в Шотландії став приємним сюрпризом та справжньою несподіванкою для Пані Людмили, яка отримала надзвичайно почесну відзнаку та вчергове підкреслила правильність свого життєвого напрямку….

 Головну нагороду року ООН The Women Noble Prize 2023 Пані Людмилі вручили за значний внесок у вирішення гуманітарної кризи в Україні, пов'язаної з агресією російської федерації проти незалежної держави України та видатний приклад боротьби за право на життя, свободу та безпеку людей.
А отже головна місія Форуму виконана! Героїні нагорожені!

Laureate of the Women's Nobel Prize
The winner of the Women Noble Prize 2023 is the #1 woman in Ukraine - Lyudmila Stanislavenko!
For multi-purpose volunteerism, political and social work during the war in Ukraine, for the protection of national interests and the values ​​of good and peace, Mrs Lbdmyla was awarded the prestigious Women's award of the Year - the UN Award for solving the socio-political problems of today.
Unfortunately, the problem of the war in Ukraine has not yet been resolved, but Ukrainian volunteers are doing incredible things.

As the head of the Supreme Council of the International Club of Successful Women - КУЖ, World Woman Club, Ms Lyudmila managed dozens of charitable women's projects that took place in support of Ukraine in 17 countries of the world.

The final gala evening of the EuroWoman 2023 Global Leadership Forum in Scotland was a pleasant surprise and a real surprise for Ms Lyudmila, who received an extremely honourable award and once again emphasized the correctness of her life direction...

The main UN award of the year The Womeb Noble Prize 2023 was awarded to Mrs Ludmila for her significant contribution to the resolution of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, related to the aggression of the russian federation against the independent state of Ukraine and an outstanding example of the struggle for the right to life, freedom and security of people.

And so the main mission of the Forum has been accomplished!

Congratulations dear Людмила Станіславенко! You deserve it!

STARTUP WORLD CUP CHAMPIONSHIP 2023 was held in Glasgow, the UK

STARTUP WORLD CUP CHAMPIONSHIP is the main world’s annual event for young entrepreneurs, which brings together national elites from different countries of the world to get acquainted, communicate and determine the best startups of the year.

STARTUP WORLD CUP CHAMPIONSHIP 2023 was held in Glasgow, the United Kingdom with representatives from 35 countries.



STARTUP WORLD CUP CHAMPIONSHIPS have been held since 2000 under the auspices of the International Educational Network MINIBOSS & BIGBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL (The United Kingdom). Official website:

On July 18, the Qualifying Round of the World Championship was held, in which teams from Great Britain, Ukraine, Ireland, Australia, Austria, Germany, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and Georgia took part.

The jury members are well-known entrepreneurs and MiniBoss alumni from 35 countries of the world: Watch the video clip about the jury members:

AT THE STARTUPS WORLD CUP CHAMPIONSHIP, students present their start-ups in TWO AGE LEAGUES:

· MINIBOSS Junior League (children and teenagers 6-17),
· BIGBOSS Senior league (youth 18-25).


The jury assesses startups in two categories:


SIFE - Startups in innovative free entrepreneurship

These entrepreneurs start a company knowing from day one that their vision could change the world. Innovators are the types of entrepreneurs who come up with completely new ideas and turn them into viable businesses.

In most cases, these entrepreneurs change the way people think about and do things. Such entrepreneurs tend to be extremely passionate and obsessive, deriving their motivation from the unique nature of their business idea.

Innovative entrepreneurs also find new ways to market their products by choosing product differentiation strategies that make their company stand out from the crowd. Moreover, sometimes it is not just standing out from the crowd but also actually creating a new crowd.

They hire the best and the brightest. Their job is to search for a repeatable and scalable business model. When they find it, their focus on scale requires even more venture capital to fuel rapid expansion.

Innovators such as Steve Jobs (Apple), Larry Page (Google), Richard Branson (Virgin Group), Elon Musk (Tesla), and Bill Gates (Microsoft) are prime examples of innovative entrepreneurship.

Innovative startups are always commercial (for-profit).


SAGE - Startups for the advancement of the global environment

Social entrepreneurs are innovators who focus on creating products and services that solve social needs and problems. However, unlike scalable startups, their goal is to make the world a better place, not to take market share or to create wealth for the founders. They may be nonprofit, for-profit, or hybrid.

Well-known social innovators such as Muhammad Yunus (Grameen Bank, 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner, microcredit pioneer), Bill Drayton (Ashoka, which provides search and support for social entrepreneurs around the world), Rachel Braten (Yoga Girl and online channel, Shiz Shaheed (ambassador of the Malala Foundation, helps empower women and girls by promoting and expanding access to education), Bleu Mr Mikoski (TOMS Shoes, a shoe company that donates one pair of shoes for each sold to support water) are a prime example of social entrepreneurship.
Social startups can be non-profit, commercial (for-profit) or hybrid.

COUNTRY DAY is a show of national cultures before STARTUP WORLD CUP CHAMPIONSHIP 2023

started on the day of national cultures - COUNTRY DAY

Country Day is a solemn global event, which marks the friendship of countries and international cooperation and anticipates the Startup World Championship.

The day of the country is held on the 2nd day of the World Championship for global familiarization with the participants of the championship, their countries and culture.

Country Day is held in a large room and consists of the following elements:

• COUNTRY EXPO-STAND. Each country is provided with one table (expo stand) for the country's flag, printing booklets, postcards, national souvenirs and food. All participants exchange souvenirs free of charge and sell their projects’ goods made for the Championship. 

• NATIONAL COSTUMES. All members of delegations come to this event in national costumes, demonstrating the culture of their country;

• CULTURAL SHOW. You make a short presentation of your country for up to 5-10 minutes (national songs, dances, etc.). The children and teachers prepare all performances from each country by themselves;

 • PARADE OF COUNTRIES. In the end, all official delegation members go on the global stage with the Parade of Countries.

Participation in Country Day helps to form among students:

- PATRIOTISM as a sense of belonging and pride for their country,
- GLOBALISM as a sense of responsibility for our Planet,
- UNITY as a sense of global communication,
- CURIOSITY a desire to know better the culture of their country,
- MULTICULTURALISM is a desire to learn cultures of other countries,
- COMMONWEALTH as a desire to cooperate in the business and cultural sphere.